The TCM3105 Source
The Texas Instrument TCM3105 modem chip for your packet or modem project is available here!
As you know this part has not been manufactured in several years.
As a service to experimenters and hobbyists like myself these chips are available in single lots.
When you can find them this item is often sold in single lots at prices over twenty dollars.
Experimenter price for up to 5 pieces is $10.00 each plus $6.00 P&H inside the USA, $17.50 outside the USA.
TCM3105 chips are tested prior to shipping. All are 16 pin NL or JL package, my choice.
I can provide the 4.4336 MHz HC49/UR crystal for 1200 baud and the 6.5536 MHz crystal for 2400 baud.
Add $1.50 to your order for each crystal.
I will ship outside the USA to many countries!
Acceptable payment for USA orders are Money Order, PayPal or Wire Transfer.
Orders from outside USA must be via paypal or wire transfer.
If you wish to order, please email with full shipping and contact information. I will provide a quotation or pro-forma invoice if requested.

TCM3105 Data Sheet
FAR circuit boards

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